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Monday, 15 August, 2022

Listen Live!

Not only do we broadcast 24 hours a day on 107.4FM in Hull, we’re available online wherever in the world you care to listen from.

You’ll soon be able to download our FREE mobile apps for your phone or tablet but in the meantime you can hear us online right here!

Some web browsers play more nicely than others with web streams. If you find that you can’t hear any audio or you get an error message listening to us here, try using a different web browser.

On Windows all works great in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi and Edge amongst others. Internet Explorer is not only known to be troublesome, it’s now officially legacy. So don’t use it!

On Mac, the Safari browser should handle things just fine. It comes pre-installed with your Mac so you won’t have to install it. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both also work great.

On ChromeOS, Ubuntu and other forms of Linux, pretty much any recent browser should work adequately although Google Chrome has shown best results in testing.

You can listen to 107FM on any player of your choice by using the following address:
The stream is broadcast using MP3 at 128kb/s, 44.1kHz, Stereo.


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