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Here are just some of the faces that make Hull’s 107FM what it is …


Helen is the presenter of The Saturday Thing and Sunday Morning Show. She began presenting for Trafford General Hospital’s Radio Wishing Well in the early 90’s and after a gap of ‘a few years’, decided to see if she could still talk nonsense to the general public again.

She accomplished this by joining Hull’s 107FM in November 2021.




Presenter PeteWe best say nice things about this guy. He’s the gaffer! (Well one of them)

The award winning former Viking FM & KCFM radio presenter brings his irreverent take on the world that only an ‘ull bloke could have. Once described by one of his former bosses as sounding like someone had thrown a lunatic into a radio studio and left him to it.

Pete is the one responsible for having this mad idea to create this station in the first place way back in 2013. There is no truth in the rumour he set up the station so he could play more U2 on the radio. Absolutely none whatsoever. (So we’re told.)


Wolfy came to the station through our one of our training programmes. 

He is well known on the local cultural scene as a musician, a people’s poet, a player of really odd instruments and has taken on the role of our Hull Truck correspondent.

Wolfy had never presented on radio before until he came to us. He has a wonderful way with words and a most magnificent beard.



Alright he’s not originally from Hull, but we won’t hold that against him. Essex-born computer geek Jon studied at university here back in the early 2000s and has made Hull his home ever since, so he’s practically ‘ull if you ignore his flamboyant accent.

Jon has been involved with a few sporting and media projects in Hull and was the architect behind Hull’s first online Rugby channel HullFC.TV back in the early 2000s. He’s been on and off the wireless around different parts of the country since 1997 and is a fan of all areas of music. He plays anything from Disco to Drum’n’Bass, although his adoration of the 1980s does creep out more regularly than not.


Dave is occasionally known as the ‘Mouth of the Humber’ even though he’s born & bred in Sheffield. He has been around radio since he was 16 on a number of short term licence projects and hospital radio in his home city.
So how did a lad from the Steel City end up on Hull’s 107FM? Was it after seeing his beloved Sheffield Utd getting trashed by Hull City in an FA Cup Semi Final that made him realise Hull was the place to be? Nah, it was down to sending a demo through to our the station’s Programme Director when he was at another station in the city! A couple of meetings and a visit to our studios later, Dave’s moved to the station on the East side of the river bringing with him an abundance of radio talent, personality and enough banter to keep you entertained.


Maeve is a product of our successful training course and has been with us since November 2021.
Hailing from Liverpool she is one half of The Out-of-Towners shows and podcasts.






Janine has been with us since July 2021. She has covered a number of shows but you can usually find her on the Freshly Squeezed Breakfast.

As well as being an astute business woman, mum and radio presenter, she is also a trained dancer specialising in Ballet Commercial and Musical Theatre and has been in many productions since the year dot.




Geoff has been with us for a number of years and brings his experience and knowledge to Liveline, where the show is focused on mind health matters.
Away from radio after a 6 year sabbatical he has recently got himself season membership for Hull City to escape working in a chip shop and is forging a career for himself as a stand up comedian.

Geoff’s musical tastes are wide and varied but stem from the late 70’s/early 80’s post-punk explosion. 



All in all, 107FM has over 50 volunteers who contribute to the station.
Past and present names include:

Ian Waterson, Kevin Precious, Nick Boldock of the Hull Music Archive, ‘Deano’ Reynolds, Joe Brown, Fiona Mills, Dan Morfitt, Chris Cooper (aka The Casual Menace), Ben Lister, Simon Bellerby, Matthew Hawkings, Connor Mills, Leton Tarafdar, Jed Salisbury …
… to name but a few!


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