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Monday, 15 August, 2022


Hull’s 107FM is a community-led radio station run by volunteers.

We serve all the communities of Hull and the surrounding areas. We intend to be the first community station to broadcast on DAB in the North of England which will hopefully benefit everybody living in Hull and East Yorkshire in one way or another.

The radio station is like an iceberg in some senses. The sound that you hear coming out on your radio is just part of the story and this is where we want you to join in!
To help 107FM continue to be the success it has become we are always looking for volunteers in a whole wide range of roles. If you have experience in areas such as fundraising, marketing & promotion, social media management, interviewing, technical support, programme research, local history, radio presenting or acting as your estate correspondent then please get in touch. Email volunteering@107fm.co.uk.

We know our communities have plenty going on and we want everyone else to know by keeping our listeners informed of current local events and giving you a great opportunity to learn new skills and make friends while doing so.


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